The White Rose journey

Many of us have walked together many times, in the Ancient land of the Thousand Suns of the North (origin land of the North), in Avalon (earlier than Lemuria), in Lion Kingdom, in Lemuria, in Atlantis, ancient Egypt, together with the Bear Tribe, together with the Marys, Yeshua and the Essenes, the Cathars, in the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose, together with the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Light. Many of us has been highly trained and ordained in Ancient Mystery Schools. Now we are gathering again to birth and anchor the New Earth, and to anchor those ancient sacred teachings of love, truth and unity and be the love that we are.

The White Rose is a symbol of the White Flame. The White Flame is that flame that burns everything away, burns all impurities away until the soul is totally purified, and stand stripped naked to its very core. To a place where there is only love, power, truth and wisdom. 

It´s a journey of embodyment of your soul.
It´s a journey for you to reveal the reality in truth and deep love, expanded in a deep soul understanding of Life.
It´s a journey to embody the New Earth templates.
It´s a journey in raising your frequency and embody Unity Christ Consciousness.
It´s a journey to heal and merge your divine feminine and sacred masculine within.
It´s a journey to embody Divine Love and to remember who you are.
It´s about co-creating a new reality of love, humility and truth.
It´s a journey to heal your core wundings and release your karmic ties.
It´s a journey to deepen into service and step into your souls purpose.
It´s a journey to live a life in joy, ease, aboundance and grace.

The journey of the White Rose leaves no stone unturned.