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Welcome Beloved Ones,


It is my joy to invite you into a journey beyond the beyond. We are in a huge shift and moving into the New Earth. This is a time to Recreate our Selves and our Whole Reality and understand that the New Earth is Within. The New Earth is in this NOW moment, and we are always in the Now moment.

I am here to support you on your journey into your Souls Mastery and your Greatest Light. I am here to support you Embodying Your Sacred Divinity and Embracing a New Earth Energy in a Shifting World. I am here to support you Live Fully in all your aspects. I am here to support you to Merge into Higher Consciousness and Return to Your Divine Presence. I am here to support you in your journey into Embodiment of your Sovereignty.


It is all about Beingness and Divine Presence.


In Love and Devotion

Camilla Ma Ra


The Ancient Mothers of the North are calling the tribe to come together. She is calling for unity. She is calling all to remember. She is calling the code holders, key holders, wisdom keepers, illumined ones, magis, seers, star-seeds, rainbow warriors and ancient ones.

Dragon Ma is returning to her origin, her Eggs are to be brought back, for all the codes to be activated and anchored. This is the new light from the north. This is the time we have been waiting for.

I am out of words of the unfolding of its sacredness and divine orchestrating of all. In total awe of this special moment as I write this my eyes filled with tears, deeply touched in my heart, to all divinely unfolding, into this sacred land, to close this timeline and anchor the new. To reconnect with our soul tribe. With Dragon Ma and all her children of the light. It is all magnificent and magic.

This will bring the wisdom of the north to the fore. The truth shall be revealed and it is time to share the true stories of our northern heritage. This is why we were born in the North.

When the earth fell in frequency and the darkness came, the wisdom and knowledge of the sacred union and sacred marriage was taken off this planet to be protected and kept safe. Dragon Ma went into other dimensions to protect her last eggs, and have stayed there until now, this year in January. In this act of love, when most of the higher wisdom and knowledge left the earth plane, it was "seen" that Freyr ”lost” his phallus and Freya ”lost” her light.

As the first divine children birthed by Dragon Ma, split into two, they both went away to protect the love and the light, until the day that the earth and the humans had raised their vibration and frequency and learned their soul lessons. This day has now come.

Now this is a fact and it is all, they are all, coming back now. The fertility rite of the Sacred Marriage is to be restored by this event too. It is not only a search for the Holy Grail Chalice Womb,but  also a search for the ”lost” phallus. The phallus & the seed all created by Dragon Ma. As the divine Feminine & divine masculine, restored feminine and rebirthed masculine, as Divine Mother and Divine Father, all as One.

At the summer solstice when the new earth templates of the restored feminine and rebirthed masculine was anchored on earth, has led up til this moment in time. Freya is now to be re-birthed from within one of the dragon eggs that are returning to its place of origin. It is all coming together.

I am with no words ….. only tears of gratitude, joy and humbleness.

Yet, this is not about the ancient days, it is all about the now moment, and all is here in this very moment. We don’t live by remember, we remember so that we can integrate and bring everything into this now moment, here, into this incarnation. We bring all our souls light into this very moment, and expand and allow your highest soul growth and gratefulness of all our lessons in soul mastery.


In Love and Devotion

Camilla Ma Ra


Free Online Talk & Meditation

25th October 5.45pm

Welcome to join me this weekend at Harmoni Expo Online. 

Free talk & meditation - Return to Divine Presence

Harmoni Expo Online!

Return to Divine Presence

Meeting in Presence - Zoom call

28th October

Meeting in Presence zoom call - every second week. "


When we are living in a state of Divine I AM Presence our souls mission unfolds naturally, and we attract everything we need to manifest and living our souls purpose. The fundament of life is joy, abundance and love. We know why we are here, and what we came for".

Online Zoom Call!

Every second week

Return to Divine Presence - 33 days

Starts 15th November

A 33 days journey online for brothers & sisters into embodiment of Your Divine Presence, a level of consciousness where Goddess express from within, as the deepest aspects of our Greater Self. 

33 days online

Brothers & Sisters

The Cosmic Rose

6 months program

11th November

A six month initiatory sacred journey into your highest potential and your Greatest Light. Our ascension into our Greatest Light is truly the greatest service we can give to Gaia and humanity as we open the pathways into the new earth. 

Online - wherever you are!

Return to Divine Presence - Retreat

10-13th December

Welcome Beloved Ones,

into a four day journey, together with Camilla Ma Ra and friends, into your embodiment of Divine Presence. Your True Nature is the embodiment of Divine Presence.

4 days Retreat

Himladal, Sweden

Global Healing Abortion Ceremony

In your own time

We meet around the globe to co-create a vast field of unconditional love, and to heal our personal, our ancestral and the collective woundings of the experience of abortion. 

Online - wherever you are!


Priestess of the New Earth - Cosmic Rose - 6 month
Wherever you are!
Celestial Rose Living the Pathless Path - 6 month
Wherever you are!
Northern Light, Dragons & Orcas - Northern Norway
Holy Pilgrimage - in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene - Southern France
Southern France
The Black Rose - Eastern Turkey
Living Higher Consciousness, Orkney, Scotland
Orkney, Scotland
Free! Evening meditation Zoom Call - Meeting in Presence
Online, wherever you are!
Free! Online Meditation - Living Higher Consciousness - Return to Divine Presence
Online at Harmoni Expo

The New Leadership has no leader other than One

The New Leadership has no leader other than One. The only accountable leader is Love itself. You will be brought down, teared down until you surrender to this true humble and compassionate heart and align into divine will. It is time to let go of all mental concepts, all strategies, all survival kits and start to trust. Trust that when you are surrendering into your pure, naked sacred heart, you will be blessed beyond measures, and beyond

- Camilla Åkerström


Free Meditation



A beautiful meditation and guidance to help you coming into a relaxed state of deep presence, merged into One Unified Heart, One Heart, One Mind, One Soul. You will be guided into presence and alignment with your self and soul, into your own sovereign space.  

Welcome to Camillas Sacred Spaces...

Soulful Man, Priestess Training, Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth


Swim with Mother Whale - Tonga

Northern Light & Orcas - Norway

Turkey, France, Svalbard

Activations and transmissions for your soulembodiment of the New Earth in this New Time.

Soulful Man, Voice of My Soul



Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth

Yoni egg Training, Yoni Healing and Trauma Healing


"Camilla has been by my side and my guide through some of the deepest and most important moments of healing and transition. As a man to have a woman as a teacher and guide is the most beautiful experience. Her space is Love, it is truth. In her space i want to open everything, my shadow, my light, my sexuality, my shame, my guilt, my anger, and all the parts of me i have spent my life running away from."

- Adrian Brorman


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Happy to dance, play, journey and weave together in this new sacred time. 
In Love ♥