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In Love ♥

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Dear Friends, sisters & brothers,
As many of you know this year is about initiation, joy and soulembodiment. As Initiates of Light we hear our souls calling, walking the Path of Love and Truth and deepening our embodyment of Divine Love.

We are here in this time of the New Earth to embody our soul on earth fully and this has not been done for over 2000 years. Our soul is a living essence. A part of Beloved Mother Father God and One Unified Heart. Our soul is holding our deepest desires, our deepest longing and also our fragmented parts that has forgotten they are love. 

It is my joy to invite you to the teachings of the White Rose. The White Rose is a path of love and truth, held by the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Brotherhood of the Light. The journey through the White Rose is a deep initiation and soulembodiment for you to walk through your fire, raise through the ashes, and re-birth your true self.

For Camilla this has and is her journey, a journey of embodiment of her feminine soul on earth. To do the work and do the walk, to leave no stone untouched. 

In this special time many new teachings of the White Rose is comming down, and also new teachings of the New Children. All this work is unfolding in divine timing and Camilla dance and weave with her sisters and brothers in the White Rose, walking the Path of Love, all here to anchor the White Rose teachings in the North in unity and community. Soulsisters and Soulbrothers that has been walking together in many lifetimes, all devoted to anchor Divine Love on the Planet.

This is an invitation for you, sisters and brothers, to step up and step into your souls mission and purpose, be authentic and open up for a deeper meeting with yourself and the world. You are a Great soul that came to share your Light with the world.

In Love & Gratitude


The Cosmic Rose - The Path of the Priestess




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Welcome to Camillas Sacred Spaces...

Soulful Man, Priestess Training, Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth

Swim with Mother Whale - Tonga

Northern Light & Orcas - Norway

Turkey, France, Svalbard

Activations and transmissions for your soulembodiment of the New Earth in this New Time.

Soulful Man, Voice of My Soul

Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth



Yoni egg Training, Yoni Healing and Trauma Healing

Events coming up!
Holy Pilgrimage - in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene - Southern France
Mon, Mar 30
Southern France
Mar 30, 6:00 PM – Apr 06, 11:00 AM
Southern France, Southern France, Frankrike
In the footsteps of Mary Magdelene
The Cosmic Rose - The Path of the Priestess - The Way of Love - 6 month initiate program
Sat, Apr 04
Apr 04, 8:00 PM
Beloved Sisters, I am deeply honored to invite you to a six month initiatory sacred journey into your highest potential and your Greatest Light. Our ascension into our Greatest Light is truly the greatest service we can give to Gaia and humanity as we open the pathways into the new earth.
Sacred Sexual Rose Healing - Glastonbury
Thu, May 14
May 14, 7:00 PM
Glastonbury, Glastonbury BA6, Storbritannien
Welcome to email for more information! More Information is coming up!
The Black Rose - Eastern Turkey
Mon, May 25
May 25, 6:00 PM
Svalbard, Svalbard
Welcome beloveds to this mystical Sacred Journey to the east of Turkey.
Beyond the Beyond - Summer Solstice Avalon Gathering 2020
Sat, Jun 20
Abbey House
Jun 20, 12:00 PM – Jun 23, 4:00 PM
Abbey House, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DH, Storbritannien
OUR INVITATION This is an invitation to all of you wayshowers, lightworkers, soulguides, gatekeepers, bridgeworkers, starseeds, acensionguides, codekeepers, masterhealers around the planet that are being called to gather in a circle of light of the One...
Swim with Mother Whale - Tonga
Fri, Sep 18
Sep 18, 12:00 PM – Sep 26, 12:00 PM
Ouleva, Ouleva, Tonga
Infinite Wisdom - Autumn Equinox Sacred Journey. Memories that will last forever!
Sacred Sexual Rose Healing Tempel - for women
Thu, Feb 20
White Rose Temple
Feb 20, 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM
White Rose Temple, Uddvägen 2, 134 63 Ingarö, Sverige
Vi vill bjuda in dig till en kväll i vårt vackra Healing Tempel, i rosa kärleksenergi, där vi mjukt landar tillsammans och möter varandra i systerskap och självkärlek.
Soulful Man - 33 days online
Tue, Feb 11
Wherever you are!
Feb 11, 9:00 PM
Wherever you are!, Uddvägen, 134 63 Ingarö, Sverige
Soulful Man is a journey where you curiously get to explore and open for your True Self and the Soulful Man you ARE. In the depths of your soul, your hara, your body and your heart you will find the purest love, the deepest passion and the true masculine power.
The Journey - Evening Brother Circle
Sun, Jan 26
White Rose Temple
Jan 26, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
White Rose Temple, Uddvägen 2, 134 63 Ingarö, Sverige
The time is now for the brotherhood to come together again. For men to come back into the fullness of who he is.


"Camilla has been by my side and my guide through some of the deepest and most important moments of healing and transition. As a man to have a woman as a teacher and guide is the most beautiful experience. Her space is Love, it is truth. In her space i want to open everything, my shadow, my light, my sexuality, my shame, my guilt, my anger, and all the parts of me i have spent my life running away from."

- Adrian Brorman