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Welcome Beloved Ones,


It is my joy to invite you into a journey beyond the beyond. We are in a huge shift and moving into the New Earth. This is a time to Recreate our Selves and our Whole Reality and understand that the New Earth is Within. The New Earth is in this NOW moment, and we are always in the Now moment.

I am here to support you on your journey into your Souls Mastery and your Greatest Light. I am here to support you Embodying Your Sacred Divinity and Embracing a New Earth Energy in a Shifting World. I am here to support you Live Fully in all your aspects. I am here to support you to Merge into Higher Consciousness and Return to Your Divine Presence. I am here to support you in your journey into Embodiment of your Sovereignty.


It is all about Beingness and Divine Presence.


In Love and Devotion

Camilla Ma Ra

The path of the Priestess - The Way of Love - 33 days Online
Sat, Jun 06
Wherever you are!
Jun 06, 9:00 PM GMT+2
Wherever you are!
Walking the path of the priestess with all the support is one of the greatest longings of our womans heart.
Cosmic Sisterhood - Temple of divine presence
Wed, Jun 10
White Rose Temple, Ingarö Stockholm
Jun 10, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
White Rose Temple, Ingarö Stockholm, 134 69 Ingarö, Sverige
Välkommen syster, Då förra kvällen blev fullbokad, och helt helt magisk, bjuder vi in till en ny kväll tillsammans med the Cosmic Sisterhood. Vi bjuder in dig till en kväll i vårt vackra Rose Healing Tempel, i rosa kärleksenergi, där vi mjukt landar och möter varandra i systerskap och självkärlek.
Holy Pilgrimage - in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene - Southern France
Mon, Aug 31
Southern France
Aug 31, 6:00 PM – Sep 07, 10:00 PM
Southern France, Southern France, Frankrike
In the footsteps of Mary Magdelene
The New Divine Feminine Light Codes Activation (1)
Whenever it is good for you.
Wherever you are on the planet!
Whenever it is good for you.
Wherever you are on the planet!
A new Divine Feminine Activation - so we all can return to Divine Presence, a level of consciousness where Goddess express from within, as the deepest aspects of our Feminine Self.
A New Divine Feminine Light Code Embodiment
Wed, Jun 03
Wherever you are in the World!
Jun 03, 9:00 PM GMT+2
Wherever you are in the World!
Beloved Ones, Join us in a New Divine Feminine Light Code Transmission - and meet the Cosmic Sisterhood to receive a transmission from the Cosmic Womb and the Vosmic Temple of Divine Presence.

The New Leadership has no leader other than One

The New Leadership has no leader other than One. The only accountable leader is Love itself. You will be brought down, teared down until you surrender to this true humble and compassionate heart and align into divine will. It is time to let go of all mental concepts, all strategies, all survival kits and start to trust. Trust that when you are surrendering into your pure, naked sacred heart, you will be blessed beyond measures, and beyond

- Camilla Åkerström


Free Meditation



A beautiful meditation and guidance to help you coming into a relaxed state of deep presence, merged into One Unified Heart, One Heart, One Mind, One Soul. You will be guided into presence and alignment with your self and soul, into your own sovereign space.  

Welcome to Camillas Sacred Spaces...

Soulful Man, Priestess Training, Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth


Swim with Mother Whale - Tonga

Northern Light & Orcas - Norway

Turkey, France, Svalbard

Activations and transmissions for your soulembodiment of the New Earth in this New Time.

Soulful Man, Voice of My Soul



Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth

Yoni egg Training, Yoni Healing and Trauma Healing


"Camilla has been by my side and my guide through some of the deepest and most important moments of healing and transition. As a man to have a woman as a teacher and guide is the most beautiful experience. Her space is Love, it is truth. In her space i want to open everything, my shadow, my light, my sexuality, my shame, my guilt, my anger, and all the parts of me i have spent my life running away from."

- Adrian Brorman


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Happy to dance, play, journey and weave together in this new sacred time. 
In Love ♥