Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström, 

a priestess, starseed, wayshower, earthkeeper, gridworker, gatekeeper, visionary, soulguide, wombwoman, doula, playful sister and Mother on her journey in life. She walks the Path of Love and has her roots within “the Ancient Lineage of Mothers of the World”. She is holding the codes of the White Rose

to anchor in the North.

Camilla loves to swim, merge and commune with Mother Whale and goes every year to Tonga to swim and merge with the humpbacks and to Northern Norway to merge with the Orcas.

Camilla sees all work we do in ths new time as the gifts that we gave our selves when we volunteered to pave the way for the New Children. Camilla is known for her abilities to hold and co-create a vast, pure, warm, loving and sacred space where women and men can embody their feminine and masculine soul on earth. Camilla has during many years held space for women, men and couples. In the sacred space she holds with her womb, connected with the wombs of the world and the ascended realms, as a conduit of the energies of the Divine Mother and together with many helpers and illumined beings, she can help people to heal, to re-activate the new light codes and frequencies inside of them and to help them anchor them deeper into their bodies, to embody their soul.


She holds a safe space where people dare to go to places they haven’t gone to before, to turn on every stone, look in every corner, to heal deep trauma, to close old timelines and to reclaim every part of your pure soul so that you can receive and hold all the new frequencies, the new light codes that now is pouring down on earth, to co-create a new reality of love. To merge into your pure living soul on every level in your life, so the fundament in your life is coming from joy, pure passion, ease, grace and deep love. Camilla is not seeing herself as a healer but simply as the conduit that the love frequencies from Source/Divine/ Love/God can run through so that healing can occur.

Camilla sees all this work as the gifts that we gave our selves when we volunteered to pave the way for the New Children.


Camilla is part of the White Rose Community in the North. She offers sessions, circles, retreat and deep souljourneys as a conduit of divine love, as teacher and sister. She also offers Sacred Journeys to special places around the world as; Tonga, Sweden, Svalbard, Norway, Turkey, Hawaii, Moorea, New Zeeland and Southern France. She offers guiding and programs in Soulful Pregnancy and Sacred Birth. She and the White Rose offers doula services and provide a Sacred Space for “home” birth, a beautiful space for Sacred Birth in the White Rose temple.

 Camilla is now ready to fully step into her highest soul purpose, mission and power in this lifetime.

She is still an apprentice of truth and Love, walking step by step on her own life´s souljourney. She are ready to deepen her service work and sharing her gifts with the world, in a pure and humble way.

Welcome sisters and brothers to walk, talk and dance with Camilla and the White Rose!



"In her Space I want to open everything..."

- Adrian Brorman

“To me it has been the greatest gift to sit in Camillas space and to have her as a teacher. <3 She has been by my side and my guide through my some of the deepest and most important moments of healing and transition. As a man to have a woman as a teacher and guide is the most beautiful experience. Camilla embodies the energy of The Divine Mother. <3 To do my journey in her space, to open and journey through the deepest parts of me. Camilla is the most incredible space holder i have experienced in my life. Her space is Love, it is truth.

In her space i want to open everything, my shadow, my light, my sexuality, my shame, my guilt,

my anger, and all the parts of me i have spent my life running away from. She has been by my

side when i have opened my deepest hurt and wounds, but also when i have embraced my

soul, higher self and my light. She holds everything in Love, her space and work has been the

most profound healing and teachings i have ever experienced. To embrace everything so we

can hold everything in Love. To me Camilla is the embodiment of that. The divine feminine that

holds all of creation in Love. <3 This work is really about sovereignty, to really come home to

God and your purpose. <3 I can’t recommend this more. If you feel a resonance and attraction to

come and sit in her space, do it and feel for yourself”. - Adrian Brorman


"With the most genuine, softest love and embrace..."

- Birgitta Franzen

"To have Camilla Åkerström as a teacher  on my souljourney has enabled to open up those parts of feelings and thoughts that I felt ashamed of and didn´t like within myself and been treated with the most genuine, softest love and embrace I´ve ever felt. I have met many teachers in my life and never really felt safe with anyone before Camilla because. It´s so essential to me that a teacher is able to give pure, not wanting anything or to be someone or has a need of acknowledgement. There are not enough words in me to describe the enormous gratitude and confidence I feel with having Camilla as my teacher. She has helped me to journey to many places inside of me I never dared to go to myself, Mirrorred me with loving and direct truth when I created my own illusions and embraced me with her humility and loving heart. My strong confidence in Camilla is because I know and feel deep inside of me that she doesn´t speak what I want to hear but what is best needed for my souljourney. Camilla really wants me to shine and stand in my Light and supports me all that she can to do so, she wants me and everyone else to shine our love to the World. She gives me the opportunity to do my journey and also to make mistakes so I can learn and embody a little bit more" – Birgitta Franzen

"She has taught and showed me more self love..."

- Linda Eriksson

"Camilla Akerstrom is my beloved sister and teacher on the path of Love. For me she is the Mother of all Mothers. She is true to her soul and beloved Mother Father God and 100% dedicated to fulfill her souls mission on earth. An embodied divine woman choosing, walking, breathing, acting love no matter what. As a mother, as a teacher, as a human and multidimensional being and as a sister. In her space everything that is not love shows itself, to be seen and healed. She holds space of unconditional love, in grace, acceptance, humor and total harmony. She has taught and showed me more self love, to embrace and accept hidden parts of me, trust, to embody more and more love and to live and come closer to my souls and my passion. I am for always grateful for all that she has given me of unconditional love." – Linda Eriksson

"The most difficult spaces become the brightest, vibrant and loving space..."

- Elli Zaar

“Journeying with Camilla is amazing. She is like the Great Mother who holds me and everything and everyone in her womb. She is a multidimensional being that embodies this more than anyone else I have met. How she can see everything and everyone in love, to see me and the world in love is such a gift and I marvel every time she can let the most destructive energies, the most difficult spaces become the brightest, vibrant and loving space. I have never been in such a clean space that she holds. For me, everything that I have experienced, everything that I have with me in this life and others has come to the surface, has been seen and embraced in her total love. She has shown me how I love myself. How I can be in a relationship with my partner that is something different than what I thought was a relationship. She has shown us how a total honor of each other can open up to the softest vulnerability between us, so that we have dared to show ourselves to each other and begin our walk to a sacred union. Camilla shows me how to reconnect to my highest self and my soul. Only through her being but also through the activations and transmissons. To get home to my soul family again and remember why I am here and why I have chosen to come right now this time to earth. Camilla is the Lady of the White Rose in form.
She has also given me and my partner the greatest gift ever, in addition to helping us come together in our relationship, she has helped us both through our pregnancy with our son Johannes and also his birth. Without her, I had not given birth to him in the White Rose Temple, which was my highest wish. She helped me when my contractions stopped, to understand that I was scared and could help me get them started and flow again. I am eternally grateful to her for it” - Elli Zaar



Many of us have walked together many times, in the Ancient land of the Thousand Suns of the North (origin land of the North), in Avalon (earlier than Lemuria), in Lion Kingdom, in Lemuria, in Atlantis, ancient Egypt, together with the Bear Tribe, together with the Marys, Yeshua and the Essenes, the Cathars, in the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose, together with the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Light. Many of us has been highly trained and ordained in Ancient Mystery Schools. Now we are gathering again to birth and anchor the New Earth, and to anchor those ancient sacred teachings of love, truth and unity and be the love that we are.

The White Rose is a symbol of the White Flame. The White Flame is that flame that burns everything away, burns all impurities away until the soul is totally purified, and stand stripped naked to its very core. To a place where there is only love, power, truth and wisdom. 

It´s a journey of embodyment of your soul.
It´s a journey for you to reveal the reality in truth and deep love, expanded in a deep soul understanding of Life.
It´s a journey to embody the New Earth templates.
It´s a journey in raising your frequency and embody Unity Christ Consciousness.
It´s a journey to heal and merge your divine feminine and sacred masculine within.
It´s a journey to embody Divine Love and to remember who you are.
It´s about co-creating a new reality of love, humility and truth.
It´s a journey to heal your core wundings and release your karmic ties.
It´s a journey to deepen into service and step into your souls purpose.
It´s a journey to live a life in joy, ease, aboundance and grace.

The journey of the White Rose leaves no stone unturned.


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