Ancient wisdom of the North - Equinox Retreat 2020



In Service to Golden Terra and the New Aurora Consciousness

Welcome Beloved Ones.
I am calling you - one of the ”Voices of the Northern Wisdom - from the land of the Thousand Suns” to join us in a 8-day retreat in the North. We are gathering to work together as a huge energy quantum field of unity consciousness and divine love. We come together to evolve All as Love and shift all into Awareness and Divine Presence.

We are now being called to Bleik in Northern Norway and Lapporten in Northern Sweden. Both places of significance during the Gateway of the Equinox.

Our journey
We start our journey in Kiruna, were we travel together to Bleik in Northern Norway (northern lofoten), if possible due to Covid-restrictions. We are called to Bleik to heal and restore the timeline of the ”Fall of the North”, to re-activate the Ancient Dragon Mountain and return the Eggs of the Golden Dragon Mother that have been protected since eons of time. We are all keepers and code-holders of this sacred land and ancient wisdom.

9 month ago we were called up to Northern Norway - in co-creation with the Orcas and the Dragons - where we activated the top of Gias spine, and her 8th portal and stellar gateway. We were given Dragon Eggs from the Great Golden Dragon Mother to return to their place of origin. Now this time has come…..

Lapporten is an Interstellar gateway, where we on the equinox will be co-creating a ceremony and anchoring the new light codes of the aurora consciousness that is streaming in through this portal. We will anchor these codes within ourselves and within Terra Gaia to co-create in anchoring the new Aurora Grid, and to integrate and activate our Light Bodies with these new light codes. This retreat is also a preparation and manifestation for the opening of the Crown Chakra of Humanity that will open at the equinox.

The Aurora Consciousness is the ”next” universe - the New Earth Consciousness - and is a new high consciousness that is streaming in from Andromeda. The new Aurora rays and codes, and all beings that live there are all in alignment with the Chrystal Heart of our universe and the Crystal Heart of Terra Gaia, and holding unity intelligence. With the Aurora Consciousness is the ancient infinite timeless wisdom returning, that left this universe at the time of the Great Fall of the North. The Auroras are assisting in the next phase of our universal ascension and are the gatekeepers of "Sacred Union", to be returned.


Now is the time to remember the wisdom from the Great North

Many are holding the memories of the Great fall of the North, a fall that is not as highlighted as Atlantis, but still holding deep woundings within the earth and within many souls. Now is the time to remember the wisdom from the Great North and heal the wounds from the fall. The trauma from the Fall of the North is lying as both an individual as a collective trauma.

The wisdom and knowledge from the Great North was stored within genetic codings to be re-activated when the next 'cycle of time' was to come and consciousness would evolve back to source. That time is now. Many of those souls have now chosen to incarnate again on earth and those souls are holding all this wisdom and knowledge. Many of them are here to embody in the same or similar "roles" again, because it is their soul-groups mission.

We are now calling in those who are holder of codes, templates and keys for those specific places, codes and/or our work.

We are holding ourselves as Light and are ready to come together to share, give, inspire, anchor, activate, embody and expand in consciousness in all new ways that are opening.

On this retreat we are focusing on activating, anchoring, stabilizing, evolving, embodying, opening new consciousness knowledge and co-creating new structures and Ways of the New Earth. We are all carriers of these codes deep within our DNA and we expand together into love by our devotion of the One, and beeing in Higher Service to Terra Gaia and Humanity.

Vi will receive upgrades and activations, co-creating several ceremonies to anchor the new light codes, receive activations and upgrades to deepen our own embodiment, anchor an new grid and Aurora field and celebrate. Hopefully we also will see the magnificent Northern Light. September is a ”good forecast ” of seeing the light dance on the sky. We will commune and celebrate together with all the Ancient Ones (dragons riders) and elementals in Kärkevagge/ Geargevággi in Abisko, visit the ”Troll-lake” and the holy mountain of Noulja/ Njùlla. Very magical and beautiful sacred sites on earth.

We will visit the Ancient land of the Thousand Suns, to embrace and explore its beauty. Mysteries of the North ......


Welcome Beloved Ones,
If you feel the call to join us in this retreat - contact camilla at: camilla@whiterosenewearth.com


Now the boarders are open between Sweden and Norway, but we all know the situation can change. If it is changing we are staying all 7-days up in Northern Sweden and Abisko. There is a lot of magic up here to explore.

We gather on Wednesday 16th September at 2 pm CET at Kiruna airport, and will be back on Wednesday 23rd at 1 pm CET at Kiruna airport. For booking flight/train/bus-tickets.

We will be sleeping in shared rooms in rental cottages. We will cook our own pescatarian food together.

With so much Love 
Camilla Ma Ra and the White Rose New Earth


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