Healing & Balancing the 7 internal chakras Meditation


The Inner Light Awakening is what we call "Spiritual Awakening". The Inner Light is alreaddy within. Our own inner light is not accessible before we cleanse and purify all our 7 chakras and energy centers. When we attain an inner balance the Shakti energy within our body can flow and the Kundalini begin to rise up our spine. The Inner Light Awakening is important towards our inner Zero point and healing. Without the inner awakening we can not rise and sustain higher consciousness. The Inner Light Awakening is needed to obtain inner love, bliss and joy.


This is a wonderful new meditation for healing and balancing the 7 internal chakras. It is as important as ever to work with the internal chakras, even in the new 5D evolving 12-13 chakra system. When we balance the internal chakras we balance the aspects of our human consciousness. This helps us in dealing with our everyday life world. This meditation helps you healing money issues, physical health, sexuality, emotions, insecurities, relationships, communication, integrating your Higher Selves and your connection with the Divine.

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You will receive the activation via an audiofile that will guide you through activation. You do the activation in your own time and space. The activation is encoded with the codes and frequencies for all time and are effective whenever you receive it.

All of these new Activations of Divine Love and New Light Codes of the New Earth are helping you to come into alignment, raise your frequency, and living from a place of unconditional love and self-love. It helps you to increase a deeper feeling of love, trust and peace inside of you and to increase your service to our beloved Mother Earth and all of humanity.

From my loving heart to yours ❤ ❤
Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström

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