99 days Initiation Journey

for the Awakened Feminine Soul


CELESTIAL ROSE - Her Great Awakening 

- Walking the Pathless Path


Beloved Sisters of the Light,


I want to welcome you into the journey of Celestial Rose, that starts the 15th November, and will be a 99 day journey. Everything goes very fast, and everything is shifting in this moment in time. We are heading towards the winter solstice where the Golden Age will be fully anchored. The Celestial Rose journey will prepare you for the winter solstice and through that gateway, and into the New Earth to start walk the Pathless Path and manifesting your souls purpose.


The Celestial Rose is a journey together with the Divine Mother, the Cosmic Sisters and all celestial beings of light. The Celestial Rose is held by the Sisterhood of the lIght, that is the evolved version of the Sisterhood of the Rose. It is a totally new consciousness that is held within the Celestial Rose. It is all about pure consciousness, frequency and pure divine light of the divine feminine.


The celestial Rose is a journey into deeper embodiment, expanded awareness and living higher consciousness. It a guided and supported journey for YOU into Your GREATER SELF, to live your life fully, in abundance, joy, ease and grace. To deepen into Selfless service and manifest your souls purpose within your life.


It is a journey into the unknown for the devoted woman, the devoted Priestess, that is now deeply committed of embodying her feminine soul and share her gifts selflessly within the New World. It is only for you sister whom make the vow to your soul to walk the Divine Path of the One, being in service of the One, in every day. You who already know and are ready.


It is a journey of activating and embodying the new codes, keys and templates of the Restored Divine Feminine that is streaming down, and anchoring them into Gaia. It is about activating your new light body, upgrading your cells, your blood, your glands, rewire your brain, anchoring the new aurora codes, connecting and anchoring within the new crystalline grid, and to unfold your soul gifts and purpose of this incarnation on earth.

The Journey

We start and open our circle on the 15th November (the date of initiating the upcoming eclipse season that is leading up to winter solstice) with an opening ceremony and close our journey on the 18th February with a closing ceremony.


  • Weekly Content Modules with Activations, Teachings, Guided Meditations, Exercises, Affirmations, Movements, Yoga and Guided Inner Journeys designed to support and deepen the embodiment process

  • Biweekly Online Sacred Circles on Zoom with teaching, meditations, connection, and Q&A time - Wednesdays at 12-2 pm CET.

  • The Zoom Meetings will be recorded for those who did not join

  • Activation & Transmission - Mondays at 9 pm CET, opening every weeks practice 

  • Opening Ceremony 15th November

  • Closing Ceremony Thursday 18th February 2021

  •  Individual sessions for personal support during the course

  • Free On-line Forum to share your process with support from Camilla Ma Ra and sisters

  • A Bonus Collection to enhance your journey

  • Lifetime access to the course and online content 

  • Retreat 6-days 24-30/11 to Northern Norway/Sweden

Payment Options

Your energetic balance in money for the Celestial Rose Course is € 999 (excl retreat fee, transport, food and accommodation).


You can pay fully or by three installments of € 333


Energy balance for retreat is € 555 excl food, travel, transport and accommodation and to be paid latest 16th November


As soon as you make this energetic commitment, your downloads and activation of light codes will begin. The sacred space of pur circle will begin take form and amplify.


I am honoured if you want to walk together with me, sisters and the Sisterhood of the light.


In Love <3



For more information please contact me: camilla@camillamara.com

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