Return to Divine Presence - Living Higher Consciousness


Beloved Ones,
It is my joy to invite you into a journey of Living Higher Consciousness together with me and your Sisters of the Light. A journey into embodiment of Your Divine Presence, a level of consciousness where Goddess express from within, as the deepest aspect of our Feminine Self. When we embody our Divine Presence we can Evolve Consciousness together.

We are in a intense shift of humanity and the planet. Thousands of sisters are awakening across the planet right now, re-membering and coming out of the closet and joining their sisters and brothers that are already in service for our ongoing ascension process. This is an important time where we re-store our feminine essence and come together with our soulfamily.

With the new higher timelines of the New Earth comes totally new divine feminine light codes for us to receive and also to anchor and integrate into our bodies. The anchoring of the new template of the Restored Feminine have just been completed, and now we are ready to activate and integrate them within our feminine bodies and within our heart.

We have been walking together in many lifetimes, all devoted to anchor Divine Love on the Planet, and to bring forth the wisdom, keys and codes for the New Earth, in unity and community. We are here to bringing back our soulmemories, to heal the traumas that keep us for fully embody our feminine soul on earth. You, as me, has often incarnated in big shifts and now in this time we come together in sacred circle again.

Many ancient souls have difficulty to really step fully into service, and to live from a place of trust, shining their light and walking their souls path. Now is the time to step up. It is a calling to Say YES, to step beyond the judgements, the little self, the feeling of fear or unworthiness and to step fully onto your ascension path and the Path of Love.


Walking the Path of Love, with all the support is one of the greatest longings of our womans heart. The womans spiritual path were we bring forth ones visions and dreams, embody ones wisdom to be in the highest service of humanity and the earth is what make difference in the world today.


When Women come together, remember who they are - Ancient Code Carriers, Medicine Women, Key holders, Wisdom keepers and Priestesses of the Light - stepping into their sovereign truth as divine beings of light - the earth is shifting.

Beloved Ones,
We call upon you sister that are here to bring forth the light keys and codes for the New Human and the New Earth to the fore.

We call upon you sister that are here to anchor Divine Love onto earth, to help heal and release the deep wounding of the feminine and masculine to come into union.

We call upon you sister that are here to bring forth those ancient teachings, keys and codes from the origin.

We call upon you sister that are ready to deepen your service to the One.

We call upon you sister that are ready to commit to your feminine soul and to re-activate and anchor your greatest light on earth.

We call upon you sister …….

Beloved Ones,
Returning to Divine Presence is a journey for the Sacred Feminine, the ancient & modern Priestess, the Divine Woman, the modern leader – SHE of the New Earth.

Returning to Divine Presence is a journey to deepen onto your souls path and to live higher consciousness.

Returning to Divine Presence is a journey into deeper embodiment of your divine feminine essence on earth.

Returning to Divine Presence is 21 days of devotion, trust, surrendering, commttment, activation, ugrading, purifying, embodiment, self-love and experiencing divine love in many different ways, in a circle of devoted and supportive sisters.

Welcome Sister

She is a Divine Woman of the New Earth
She who walks the path of love
She is a sacred, humble & embodied woman

During the course Returning to Divine Presence we will:

♥ receive Initiations and activations of the New Light Codes of the Divine Feminine and returning to Divine Presence within.

♥ opening space for the New Divine Feminine light codes and blueprints.

♥ embody and integrate the new Divine Feminine Template of Joy, Happiness and Abundance. Manifest or co-create the new earth within and around us.

♥ activate our DNA to return to the original template for the divine human and that requires a balanced masculine and feminine

♥ be activating the light body of the 13 chakra system as developing spiritual higher aspects and activate our soulstar starseed DNA and reconnect with our SoulStar family

♥ clear out a lot of junk a lot of trauma from the DNA and release and heal our ancestral lineage that goes back maybe a thousand years

♥ clear any ‘past’ or parallell lifetime where we suffered trauma and clear lower astral energies attached through past life trauma, release blockages, and re-align our lightbody, cellular bodies and our body templates

♥ increase our capacity of holding light and deepen our connection and embodiment of our Higher Self.

♥ be drawing on our own heart, soul and being in that space of absolute peace and divine presence within ourselves

♥ reclaim all parts of our being and return to our sacred hearts so we can live from a place of unconditional love and self-love

♥ come into alignment with our souls vibration and your unique Ascension Process

♥ connect with the Cosmic Sisterhood that are here to guide us home to Grace, Divine Presence and Feminine Wisdom.

♥ increase a deeper feeling of love, trust and peace inside of you and increase your service to our beloved Mother Earth and all of humanity

We are coming together as One beyond the projections of distrust towards the divine feminine and towards other women. It is time we acknowledge that we are One - One field of Love Consciousness. We have all a common purpose as servants to Terra Gaia and to Humanity. Our souls purpose we can only fulfill when we acknowledge our Oneness and Divine Presence, and the love that hold this infinite space of consciousness together as the Flame of the Divine Feminine.

Welcome to take your seat in our circle Sister!


My Invitation

It is my joy to invite you into a 21-day journey of Living Higher Consciousness together with me and sisters of the light.

We journey together in a circle of sacred women into embodiment of the New Earth templates and Divine Presence.

Returning to Divine Presence, as Goddess expressing from within, is the highest aspect of You. When we embody our Divine Presence we can Evolve Consciousness TOGETHER.

I am grateful of being here in this magical time of the New Earth, evolving consciousness together with YOU.


I am here to support you who is ready to fulfill Higher Service on Earth.

I am here to support you on your journey into Your Souls Mastery.

I am here to support you to Merge into Higher Consciousness and Divine Presence.

I am here to support you anchoring your Highest Timeline of Unity, Love and Joy. ​


Welcome Beloved Sister,

Let us Evolve Consciousness Together.


In Love and Devotion

Camilla Ma Ra

Return to Divine Presence - The 21-day course begins 19th October and includes:

  • 3 weekly Content Modules with Activations, Teachings, Guided Meditations, Exercises, Affirmations, Movements, Yoga and Guided Inner Journeys designed to support and deepen the embodiment process

  • 3 weekly Online Sacred Circles Mondays at 8-9.30 pm CET with teaching, meditations, connection, and Q&A time.

  • Activation & Transmission Mondays, opening every week practice

  • Closing Ceremony Sunday 8th November

  • Free On-line Forum to share your process with support from Camilla Ma Ra and sisters.

  • A Bonus Collection to enhance your journey

  • Lifetime access to the course and online content


Every week you will receive information of the coming weeks practice presented through video/audio. Every week starts with an activation/transmission. The practice during the week is a guided meditation, affirmations and a movement to support and deepen the embodiment. The whole practice will take aprox 1-1,5 hours, and you choose how often you want to do it during the week. The more often you do the practice the deeper your process will take you, and you will get more benefits of the course. The course is designed in a spiral way, not a linear way.

You can listen and re-listen to all activations and guided meditations during the week and after the course.

Transmissions take place every Monday at 9 pm, Stockholm, Sweden CET. These are sessions of energy, frequency and light codes transmissions and activations purposed to assist your souls evolution and growth. The activations/transmission are encoded with the codes and frequencies for all time and are effective whenever you receive it. So if you can not make the set time, don’t worry, just do it when it feels right for you.

There are guided audio meditations included in this course to assist your integration of the transmission/activation and the themes of every week.

There are guided movement exercises s included in this course to deepen your souls embodiment and the themes of every week.

Every week you get affirmations that will help you re-program your thought structure and charge your energy field. To empower you more it will be helpful for you to record the affirmations in your own voice and repeat them to you.

You will receive bonus meditations/transmissions - as bonus when you sign up to the ”Returning to Divine Presence” course to help you deepen into your souls embodiment , your souls mission and your greatest light.

 Let the Seed of Your Soul Grow Together in Sisterhood


WHEN: 19th October  2020

WHERE: Wherever you are. The program is online. You need a working internet.


PAYMENT: FREE Donation! 

SIGN UP: send an email with your registration to camilla@whiterosenewearth.com 


and then give your donation as anergybalance and a gift of love to::



Or if in Sweden you can pay to Swish- 0761179645 or to BG 5424-0981 CosmicRose AB

I feel honored to invite you on this intense, powerful and holy journey , a journey far into yourself and into the endless cosmos. I am here to support you, encourage your healing, your awakening and your development. It's a life-changing process.


Inspiring words and sharings by Camilla Ma Ra before opening the Path of the Priestess Circle for longing sisters this spring 2020. It is about the Essence of the Priestess that is within, with no identity, no title but your soul essence in devotion to Gaia and Humanity. 


Beloved Sister, relax, receive and enjoy.  

Priestess of the New Earth - Living Higher Consciousness - Zoom Call Replay from spring 2020 

In this replay you will receive guidance into a way of multidimensional living and a Heart Activation to come into alignment with the New 5D energies, so you can stay in deeper truth to your soul and more easy navigate in these shifts of transformation.






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