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Returning to Divine Presence

as Goddess expressing from within,

the highest aspect of me.



The New Divine Feminine Light Codes Activation


Beloved Ones,
Join us in a New Divine Feminine Light Code Activation - Return to Your Divine Presence.
We are entering a new Divine Feminine Activation - so we all can return to Divine Presence, a level of consciousness where Goddess express from within, as the deepest aspects of our Feminine Self.
We are in the peak of a Pleiadian portal of Divine Love. During this portal you'll have easier access to these profound new galactic frequencies.
With the new higher timelines comes totally new divine feminine light codes for us to receive and also to anchor and integrate into our bodies. The new feminine light codes anchoring the new divine feminine template of the new earth, and are the new earth templates for DNA and work a lot with the heart chakra.

During this Activation

- that is encoded with the new light codes:


  • we will receive an Initiation of the New Codes of the Sacred Divine Feminine and returning to Divine Presence within.

  • we will be opening space for the New Divine Feminine light codes and blueprints.

  • we will receive an activation of the new Divine Feminine Template of Joy, Happiness and Abundance.

  • we will activate our DNA to return to the original template for the divine human and that requires a very balanced masculine and feminine

  • we will be activating the light body of the 12/13 chakra system on developing spiritual higher aspects

  • we are cleaning out a lot of junk a lot of trauma from the DNA

  • we are releasing and healing our ancestral lineage that goes back maybe a thousand years

  • we are manifesting or co-creating the new earth around us in joy, happiness and abundance

  • we will be drawing on our own heart, soul and being in that space of absolute peace and divine presence within ourselves


Welcome beloveds to this divine activation

of the New Sacred Feminine Light Codes.

How to receive the Activation

You will receive the activation and all the information needed via a link with an audiofile that will guide you through the gateway and activation. You do the activation in your own time and space. The activation is encoded with the codes and frequencies for all time and are effective whenever you receive it.
WHERE: Wherever you are around the planet

WHEN: whenever it feels right for you.

SIGN UP: To receive the activation send an email to info@whiterosenewearth.com
 and pay £11/ €13/ $14/ 144 SEK
to www.paypal.me/camillamara and "to family and friends".
Also watch our Youtube Channel here!
All of these new Activations of Divine Love and New Light Codes of the New Earth are helping you to come into alignment, raise your frequency, and living from a place of unconditional love and self-love. It helps you to increase a deeper feeling of love, trust and peace inside of you and to increase your service to our beloved Mother Earth and all of humanity.

From my loving heart to yours ❤ ❤
Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström


We come together co-creating the new earth around us in joy, happiness and abundance

Copyright © Camilla Åkerström, White Rose New Earth AB, 2020

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In Love ♥