Global Healing

Abortion Ceremony


Global Healing Abortion Ceremony


This is an invitation to all of you that are carrying the unhealed experience of an abortion, for you that know that your mother line is holding the experience of an abortion, and/or for you that want to help heal and release the collective woundings from the experience of an abortion.

We meet around the globe to co-create a vast field of unconditional love, and to heal our personal, our ancestral and the collective woundings of the experience of abortion. It is an unique opportunity in our expansion and souls evolution to deepen into this deep healing work within the embrace and divine love of Beloved Mother God. We still need to heal our core wounds to move into the next level of our embodiment of our feminine soul. Through this healing experience we can deepen into self-love and self-forgiveness, acceptance and embrace, in softness and grace, and find every aspect and part of us that needs our love.


The decision to make an abortion is for many women one of the hardest and most difficult decision they ever will make. The decision, and thoughts about it, is holding a lot of guilt and shame. The true circumstances and deeper reasons are often covered in deep layers of grief within the womans sacred heart and womb. These deep, even subconscious, emotional forces are not the logical reasons you first believed was the reason you did not want a child.

It is important to understand that it is NOT about feeling guilt, shame or blaming oneself for the abortion. No, not at all. It is about love and aligning yourself into the universal flow of love.


Welcome Sister to be a part of this together with sisters around the globe to co-create a vast field of unconditional love.

When a woman (or a man) don’t express or feel this deep grief in a loving and forgiving way she loses parts of her self. Her life force and creative (sexual) energy becomes very low or blocked. Only from a place of trust and deep love she can open this rivers of grief. When she open her deepest chambers within her holy heart she can start to heal the deepest emotions and traumatic experiences held in her womb. In a deep loving space she can allow all the repressed feelings to rise and embrace and accept it all, then and only then her pure shakti and love can flow again.

Being part of an abortion is a process between you, your partner, and the child. All three souls are deeply affected in many and profound ways that alters the course of their lives and souls course forever. We also need to understand that there was an agreement between three souls - you, the father and the child, to incarnate on earth though you. It is within a bigger divine plan. You have all volunteered to this divine agreement. Many of those souls of children CHOSE to incarnate because of the great love for the planet and sincerely wishing to use their own soul knowledge and wisdom in highest service to the Divine. The experience of the abortion are recorded within everyones soul.

Pre natal traumas in the womb, the actual birth process, and the death of an abortion are some of the deepest and most subconscious ways in which we separate ourselves from life and love. To heal your experience of an abortion, (with or without your partner involved) is a deeply compassionate process and journey. What lies underneath this deeply act against the divine laws is a deep grief within you that created this loss of life and harm to all the souls involved. This deep grief and pain within you caused by repressed emotions and beliefs that you carry within your subconscious, dictates much of your daily life from behind the scenes.

The energy that you are releasing by healing abortion is an energy that has been repressed though eons of time. Even though the primary healing is about your experience of abortion in this life time - it is a pattern you have repeated many times before. So the healing and releasing in this incarnation will also heal and release all past life and open timelines where you have done actions agains divine law. Healing an abortion brings you back into alignment with the Divine Laws and Divine Love.

The healing of an abortion touches every relationship in your life. You will drop deeper into the present moment and open to hold more light, to Be your Inner Light and magnificent self. When you release this old stagnant energy, and heal the deep woundings you can start to feel your souls deepest calling. Your soul has been waiting for this for a long long time. You are ready now sister.

You can enter this healing in 3 ways, for your own personal healing, for your ancestral lineage or the collective. If you have own experience in this, you start with that experience, before you inviting your ancestral lineage or the collective.

The Ceremony of Healing Abortion

We invite you to enter the Sacred Healing Temple together with Mother Mary, the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Cosmic Sisterhood to heal the deep woundings from the experience of having an abortion. You do this ceremony in your own time and space whenever it is good for you, connected with all your sisters around the world doing this healing too. 


Together we hold a portal of light for all the aborted souls to journey back to Beloved Mother Father God and back to the Light.


This Healing Ceremony includes
an audiofile that will guide you through the Activation and the Healing Ceremony


The circle is held within the Temple of Divine Mother, by Camilla Ma Ra and sisters, (sisters journeying together in a living program ”Priestess of the New Earth”), the Sisterhood of the Rose and Cosmic Sisterhood, all held in the Great Womb of Divine Mother.


Welcome Sisters to this deep healing and transforming ceremony!


WHEN: Whenever it is good for you!

WHERE: Wherever you are. The event is online. You need a working internet.

You can do the ceremony in your own time and space. The activation & healing ceremony are encoded with the codes and frequencies for all time and are effective whenever you receive it.

PAYMENT: Euro 33 (333 Sek)

SIGN UP: send an email with your registration to info@whiterosenewearth.com and then Pay your fee to: https://www.paypal.me/camillamara 


Or if in Sweden you can pay to Swish- 0761179645 or to BG 5424-0981 CosmicRose AB

Welcome to visit www.camillaakerstrom.com or www.whiterosenewearth.com or email: info@whiterosenewearth.com for more information.


Camilla offer you a beautiful meditation - Inner Goddess Inner Love - that will help you embody deeper self-love, activate and opening your petals of your heart and merge into a vast field of unconditional love. The meditation also mirrors the energy and love of the healing ceremony. https://youtu.be/ySx4RuVKBkM


We feel honored to invite you on this intense, powerful and holy journey, a journey deep into self-love, self-forgiveness and into your souls deepest longing. We are here to support you, encourage your healing, your awakening and your development. It's a life-changing and transformational healing process.



Welcome Beloveds to this deep healing

and transforming ceremony 

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