The path of the Priestess - Living Higher Consciousness


Beloved Sisters,

We are living in a world of rapid change and deep shift where we are moving into the New Earth and higher consciousness in different ways. We are in a collective reset right now, where everyone plays an important part as of service; to self, to beloved Mother Earth and to all of Humanity in different ways. In this replay you will receive guidance into a way of multidimensional living and a Heart Activation to come into alignment with the New 5D energies, so you can stay in deeper truth to your soul and more easy navigate in these shifts of transformation.


Camilla is here to help you bridge over from 3D into a 5D reality and your souls deeper calling. This replay is a timeless recording from a live zoom meeting 2 April 2020 - held for Sisters called to the Priestess of the New Earth - Living Higher Consciousness - and includes an powerful activation of our Higher Heart and personal Dragon Mother.


We believe that in this time of BIG Awakening - The most important thing we can do is to commit deeper to our souls evolution, and to really do our inner work, to do the journey. To manifest the New in co-creation in our current reality we need to access our souls higher consciousness. New way of living requires new way of manifestation, new ways of thinking, new ways of being and new ways of relating.


Beloved Sisters,

To fully live the magnificence available through higher consciousness, expanded awareness and deep sacred connections we need to be humble, in deep devotion and commit strong to our souls. In every step we take, in every breathe we make. This is what will show how we all experience our every day life.


I want to invite you into the journey of the Priestess of the New Earth that is a way to support you to live higher consciousness in your everyday life. Priestess is not a title nor an identity. The Essence of the Priestess is within. Her soul is Pure Awareness and connected with all that is. SHE is ALL.


Priestess is a sparkle of your soul of being in deep devotion and service to beloved Mother Earth and Humanity. In this replay the activation starts after apx 50 minutes. There is apx 6 minutes in beginning to tune in and drop into your heart.


Enjoy! Sister, come and join me and other sisters!


In Love ♥ 

Camilla Ma Ra & The White Rose New Earth

Copyright © Camilla Åkerström, White Rose New Earth AB, 2020

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