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n this Activation you will activate, clear and open your Amygdala in your brain. The heart is called the ‘King’ of the organs. The Amygdala is called “the Heart Chakra of the Brain”. The Amygdala is located in your brain, and “holds” the fight-and-flight” responses, open energy circles created by trauma as well as the most ecstatic and blissful feelings. The activation of the Amygdala is about facing the full presence of the light and dark within self, the Collective and Creation.
The Amygdala is wat will determine our identity. The amygdala starts forming direct after the heart´s first beat. It stores all of our life in the womb of our mother, together with the placenta and the water. It stores all joy and flows of life and also the terror of losing them. And the amygdala also stores the life of your mother, her depressions, her fears, her life. All this accumulate into the amygdala till our age of three. This means that all this time we have lived, our life has been recorded for us in the amygdala.
After the age of three the hippocampus matures in us. It is in the hippocampus that all our conscious memories are stored, and it is them we have access to. When there are memories in the amygdala of fear, sadness and low life-energy, the amygdala closes down, and we get no access to the memories and the life we lived that is stored in the amygdala.
That means that the memories that is stored into the amygdala is the invisible conditioning of all our actions, the blind spots of our lives, the origin of all our terrors, the unknown reason why we do what we done even when we do not know why we do it. This is also one of the reason why there is karma, and why we speak of previous lives, and we create and that our bodies are paralyzed with fear and inaction.
The conditioning of the amygdala can be removed by activating, healing and open the amygdala, to remove everything that is not yours to carry and re-twine all experiences into truth and love, into its original innocence and essence. We will open the fourth spiral by an energy transmission for activation and opening the amygdala so the deep stored memories and emotions within your amygdala can arise for release and healing.

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