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The embodiment of the essence of a man´s soul happens by opening up the holy heart of man, his hara and lingam, and uniting them within the man´s soul. The masculine essence of the new earth is embodied by first coming "down to earth", home and into his body, opening and expanding his holy heart, opening and activating his masculine power center - his hara and to heal his extended heart - his lingam.

Today many men live from a non-true masculine essence, they have lost contact with their deepest longing, living separated from their soul and from Father God. The embodiment of the sacred masculine is a souljourney through forgotten and hidden places and false beliefs, through deep wounds, illusions and fragmented soulparts. It is a journey into love, intimacy and presence, a journey home to your "pure soul" to love, to "remembering", to purity, to trust, to surrender, to truth and into your true power. A journey into the body of your inner sovereign King.

The Sacred Hara Activation guides you into your masculine soul, and help you land deeper into your body where you can begin to open up to the new masculine codes that are now coming down to Earth, to open for the Christed white light and let it breathe through you. In this meditation you will explore your Hara, your masculine center of power. The journey home is through your body and all the feelings you have been accumulated there for so long.

Inside the man's Hara, all emotional experiences, as well as experiences of the feminine, of women and all his intimate relationships are stored. There is also stored imprints of man's own sexuality, his feelings towards his own sexuality, his lingam and how comfortable he is being man, in his masculine essence. In Hara all "truths" exist and in the head all "falsehoods" about what the masculine essence is, what sexuality is and how it is expressed in his life. In Hara all the patterns and wounds inherited from man's bloodline, his own soul wounds and all that he has carried in this life, his inner young, wounded boys and his shadow, resides. Often, we early already balanced, from the time inside our mothers womb. So when man returns to his own source of power, his source of life, his immense power, that's what's coming up. It is beyond all these wounds and blockages, deep inside the man's Hara, where all his soul gifts are present, his unique blueprint. Here he also finds his soulpurpose, the contract he signed for the mission he has on Earth right now

When you open your Hara and start navigating from this place you will open up for more love, freedom and the desire of your soul. Starting (or continuing) walking the Path of Love, begins a pilgrimage, a sacred journey towards truth, love and unity. It´s a spiral journey that goes deeper and deeper until all the protection veils and defenses have disappeared. Then man´s original innocence, passion and power, which is held in his hara is reborn and returned to its original essence.

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