When we say YES in every moment

Beloved Brothers,

When we say YES in every moment and dare to be blown away. When we allow love to take over and make space for nothing else. Our mind will try to stop and pull you away in many different directions. Into distraction, into resistance, into pride, into fear …..

In this moment - trust in love, and trust in your beloved I AM Presence. Your I AM Presence holds an immense power that can pull you out to the very core where there is nothing else …. but love … and the Greatest Version of You ……. Called Love......

I am honored holding space in our three month upcoming journey - a circle of beautiful, longing and brave brothers, now stepping in and taking your seat in our Soulful Man Circle. I am deeply touched by your devotion and committment to your souls journey in living higher consciousness. Supporting, witnessing and holding each other pale off every layer of what is no longer serving. Surrendering deeper into you sacred hearts and commit to nothing else but Love. You touches me.

Thank you brothers.

I see you. I honor you. I love you.

In Love



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Happy to dance, play, journey and weave together in this new sacred time. 
In Love ♥