Priestess of the New Earth - The Cosmic Rose


Beloved Sisters,
I am deeply honored to invite you to a six month initiatory sacred journey into your highest potential and your Greatest Light. Our ascension into our Greatest Light is truly the greatest service we can give to Gaia and humanity as we open the pathways into the new earth. We came for this purpose.

We are destined to be here and shine our greatest light and deepest love. Our mission on earth right now is to transform and to hold greater levels of light. Now is the time for us all to step up and not only remember who we are - but being who we are.

We ARE Starseeds.
We ARE Wayshowers.
We ARE Medicine Women.
We ARE Earthkeepers.
We ARE Healers.
We ARE Priestesses.
We ARE Pure Awareness.
We ARE Love.
We ARE Divine Beings of Light.

When women come together and  step into their sovereign truths as divine beings of light - the earth is shifting.

Beloved Sisters,
Now in the time of the BIG Awakening the most important thing you can do is to truly, fully give yourself permission to walk in your Greatest Light. To follow your souls calling, and to return to your Divine Presence.Walking the path of Priestess with all the support is one of the greatest longings of our womans heart.

To embark on the journey of the Cosmic Rose will help you to embody your Inner Light and return to Your Divine Presence - as Goddess expressing from within, the highest aspect of you. 

Beloved Sisters,
As you step into the Path, your Path will open, it is not about knowing your path, it is about walking it.

The truth is, that the Priestess Path and the Cosmic Rose circle is not for everyone. This is a real initiation for Starseeds and wayshowers, Warriors of the Light and it will accelerate your evolution and growth. What is not in alignment with your Divine purpose and Divine energies will be dissolving from your life.

This is a program for women who are truly ready ta Shine their Greatest Light and live from a place where love pours out from your divine self and divine purpose. It is a journey for the New Earth – the Divine Woman, the modern leader, the sacred feminine – SHE. The teachings and training are from rare master lineages and you’ll have the chance to embody the power of your true nature and of the Divine. You will be asked to stand in mature power and integrity.

So if you’re ready to accelerate your spiritual growth and join a community of like-minded sisters dedicated to the Light,
I invite you to join us today in the co-creation of the New Earth.

In Love ♥ Camilla

Return to Your Divine Presence and Inner Light

 The Essence of the Priestess is Within
Her soul is connected with all that is - She is all
Priestess is not an identity
Priestess is not a title
Priestess is your souls essence to be in service to gaia and humanity

The  Cosmic Rose is more than a program

- it is a way of living

She is a Divine Woman of the New Earth
She who walks the path of love
She is a sacred, humble & embodied woman

Beloved Sisters,
I welcome you into our temple and to the The Cosmic Rose - a path for the devoted woman. A path for you that have come to explore how to selflessly serve from the depth of humility assisting others to awake consciousness. You enter this path in deep gratitude, devotion and committment. The priestess is a sparkle of your soul. You know as you feel her inside. This program is more than a program it is a way of living. We are here not to remember, we are here to embody and expand our conscious awareness and merge ourselves into divine human beings.

You are Important

The Purpose of the Cosmic Rose is to assist you to ascend into your highest vibrational potential and to create a new energetic foundation. This foundation will help you to co-create the best and highest life you are capable of in this moment.
 You are grace embodied. 


We open our circle and start our journey through the 444-Gateway - a Zeropoint Gateway - where we are entering an ascension upgrade and take a leap into higher consciousness and greater love. This special gateway is a cosmic important day - it is a gateway of planetary alignments that makes the energies very potent and powerful. This means that all meditations, activations and transmssions through this gateway will have an increased effect. This opening will help you walking your souls path in deep devotion and committment.

We need to be very determined to shift and raise our frequency and embody deeper love.

With committment, devotion, holy desire and humbleness we not only connect but embody our authentic truth. 

The Cosmic Rose is a Spiral program with very powerful and effective exercises that will help you to overcome the programming of duality, smallness, loosing ones voice, unworthiness, shame, better/lesser than and fear.. We are embodying a state of peaceful compassion and non-judgmental love to become the empty vessel of the Divine. We purify both ego and soul to be absorbed back into the origin light of creation. 

We are journeying to a place where we are completely free pf physical worldly attachments, a place where our human ego is transcended and we reside in a deep peace within - a vast stillness. We will train to silent our minds so that real alchemy can occure.Only in silence we will find and merge with the divine within. 

We will dissolve fear of suffering and fear of death. We will heal, clear and distangle all attachments and cords to lower vibrations and matrix and slowly dissolve our ego. We will let go of our human ideas, concepts, need for intention and drama and enter a state of allowance to be able to hold greater light. We move out of the matrix where duality and separation play out and we move into a timeline of oneness and peace. 

Come, come sister. Come and bring all of you.

Thank you beloveds,

It is my honor to walk together with you.

Come, come sister. Come and bring all of you - the Real, the Raw, the Messy, the Beauty … I am calling you to come as you are. The fullness of you. It does not matter who you think you are  or where you are on your journey. We are all walking eachother home. 

Thank you Sister for being YOU!

I see you!
I honor you!
I love you!

In Love and Gratitude ♥

The journey of initiations

- 7 initiations - 7 gateways - 7 spirals

The journey of the Cosmic Rose is an soulembodiment journey - through 7 initiations, 7 spirals and 7 gateways - there are 6 gateways we journey through within our online program and the final during our initiation retreat in September/October 2020.

Theese initiations are highly transforming spiritual initiations for ascending conciousness. 

Your Priestess Presence is needed in the world today

The Cosmic Rose Program assists the initiate to clear the pathways toward and through initiation. It is not the initiations that do it for you, you are still the one who must work through the process of initiation in your day to day life. ........... Because Life is the Initiation.
However - the Cosmic Rose Program will help and assist you with the anchoring and integrations to be able to hold the new light and to stabilize shifts in consciousness. 

Now in the time of the new earth we are working more rapidly through our healing processes, so it can be likened to living many lifetimes all in one incarnation. This journey is a learning journey and we are all given new information and insights once we have lived them.  It is a journey of experience, of true wisdom that is contained within the energy and through having lived and walked the Path. It is not about knowing the path, it is about living and walking it.

During the Cosmic Rose you will journey through 7 initiations and 7 gateways in a journey of 7 spirals. The different initiations are: 

* Initiation of Your Body Temple - to Live from your Heart
* Initiation of Inner Light 
* Initiation of Inner Love 
* Initiation of Divine Purpose & Divine Will 
* Initiation of Oneness & Divine Presence 
* Initiation of Holy Communion 
* Intitaition into the Cosmic Feminine - the Great Void
* Initiation into the Path of the Priestess - living the Pathless Path and enter the Big Dream

The Cosmic Rose is a journey for the ancient & modern priestess to deepen into the embodiment of your feminine soul on earth, bringing home all your higher selves, deepening into Divine Presence, rise your consciousness, heal your core wounding, shifting your matrix, align with abundance, activate your ascension path, activate your One Heart and Crystalline Light Bodies, womb healing, activate your sacred sexual self, activate your 22 chakra system, recoding DNA, ending ego´s game, and receive initiation into the Path of the Priestess, as we journey through all portals and templates of the New Earth.

During the program we will get help to create a ceremonial way of living, learn to make everyday beautiful. We will learn and train to walk every step in deep devotion and being conscious in our choices. We will tune into Mother Earths cycles and align with our own. We will journey through the mysteries of the womb. We are the wombs of the World. Fore those who wants will get support with detox, crystals, herbs, yoni/wombsteam, Yoni egg training and much more. We will learn to connect, commune and live together with Master Beings of Light our helpers, sisters & brothers in non form. We will connect with Sisterhood of the Rose and Brotherhood of the Light. We will deepen into our own lineage of Light

Embrace the moment Sister - You are deeply Loved

The Invitation. The Commitment. The Devotion. The Choices.

There are four paths upon which you can choose to journey:

The Pearl Rose - ONLINE

The Pearl Rose is for you beloved Sister that feels a deep calling to walk the path of the Priestess and want to immerse yourself into a deep and powerful journey online. You will recieve the full Online program and support from Camilla and sisters in our online templespace.

You have a deep committment to your souls growth and want to deepen into service and devotion. 

The Magenta Rose - ONLINE +1:1 Mentoring with Camilla

The Magenta Rose is for you beloved sisters that are feeling strong committment and devotion to walk your path on earth right now.  This is an opportunity for you to have 1:1 mentoring sessions with Camilla to hold you in deep accountability during your journey and initiations. This is a powerful way of holding you through your whole journey. 

There will be 10 live-mentoring sessions during the journey and we focus for you to activate the seeds of your unique souls mission here on earth, on your personal gifts that you are here to bring to the planet. The Magenta Rose will help you deepen into your spiritual journey and path and the embodiment of your feminine soul. 

The Violet Pink Rose - ONLINE + RETREAT

The Violet Pink Rose is for you who are clearly called to be on the Path of the Priestess as a High Initiate within the Priestess of the Light lineage. This is an opportunity for you to journey through the 7,.th and final initiation of this spiral and journey within the Cosmic Rose. We will close our journey with an unique 7-day Initiation Retreat. 

This circle offers you an intimate way of walking your journey together with dedicated sisters. If you know that you are ready to walk, in devotion, as a Priestess and share your gifts in the world then the Violet Pink Rose Circle is for you. 

The Blue Golden Rose - All Inclusive - for the devotee

The Blue Golden Rose is for you who are clearly called to be on the Path of Priestess as a High Initiate within the Priestess of the Light lineage and within the White Rose New Earth School.. 

This is an all inclusive program for you that are truly comitted, and are ready to step up and deepen into service in this NOW moment. This circle offers you the deepest and most intimate way of walking your souls path together with other dedicated sisters. If you know that you are ready to walk, in devotion, as a Priestess and share your gifts and your purpose in the world then the Blue Golden Rose Circle is for you. 

I ask of you to step up and into this unique and deeply transformative journey together with me and your sisters. We will enter the deep mysteries of ancient lineages of the Light. You will receive 1:1 mentoring and also some extra deep group meetings together with your other devoted sisters. We will close our journey with an unique 7-day Initiation Retreat. The location for the retreat is not yet clear, but whispers about Ancient Avalon, Iona or Selje in the Ancient land of the Thousand Suns. 

 Let the Seed of Your Soul Grow Together in Sisterhood


WHEN:  Starts 11th November 2020 at 8 pm CET

WHERE: Wherever you are. The program is online. You need a working internet.

There are a few scollarship programs. It is important to honor the Divine Laws of energy balance. If you do not have the full energybalance today - we will work something out. Remember you are supported. You are held. 

SIGN UP: You sign up by sending an email to to get payment information. 

Email for more information.

Remember you are supported. You are taken care of.

What other says....

"In her space everything that is not love shows itself, to be seen and healed. She holds space of unconditional love, in grace, acceptance, humor and total harmony. She has taught and showed me more self love, to embrace and accept hidden parts of me, trust, to embody more and more love and to live and come closer to my soul and my passion."

- Linda Eriksson

"How she can see everything and everyone in love, to see me and the world in love is such a gift and I marvel every time she can let the most destructive energies, the most difficult spaces become the brightest, vibrant and loving space. Camilla shows me how to reconnect to my highest self and my soul. Only through her being but also through the activations and transmissons. To get home to my soul family again and remember why I am here and why I have chosen to come right now this time to earth."

- Elli Zaar

Sisterhood is what we enter to awaken our Greatest Light

of which we came here to be.

This Journey - Life - asks that you enter the Unknown

Copyright © Camilla Åkerström, White Rose New Earth AB, 2020

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Happy to dance, play, journey and weave together in this new sacred time. 
In Love ♥