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In this meditation you will do an inner journey to come back to your I am Presence, your Higher Self and your remembering of who you are. This transmission will help you to be bold and in courage step up and step into your true Self and your mission here on earth. In this transmission you are releasing yourself to the Divine and to Divine Love. You are releasing yourself to the light of Divine Presence. Your soul understanding brings you home to the awakened realization that you are your Greater Self. It is a journey back to Source and your re-union with One Unified Heart. Your Divine Presence is the highest aspect of your multidimensional Self, and the original seed of love.You will return to your original innocence and blueprint as Divine Human. What does it mean to you to walk in this world with your full potential and DivinePresence?

Return to your Divine I AM Presence - Meditation & transmission

333,00 krPris
  • Camilla Åkerström offers activations and transmissions for your soulembodiment of the New Earth in this New Time. Activations from the teachings of the White Rose. All activations/transmissions and meditations come as an audiofile that guides you through in your own time and space. The activation and transmission is encoded with the codes and frequences for all time and is effective whenever you receive it. 

    You will receive links to this activation and also sent to you via e-mail that will be valid for 30 days.