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Returning to Divine Presence - 4 days Retreat


Welcome Beloved Ones,

into a three day journey, together with Camilla Ma Ra and friends, into your embodiment of Divine Presence. Your True Nature is the embodiment of Divine Presence. As the highest aspect of your multidimensional Self is the Divine Presence. It is the original seed of love of your entire existence.


This state - Divine Presence - is the origin source of all, of every thought,  emotion, feeling, breath, choice and every action. Divine Presence is unifying and is the source of love, wisdom and power, the three folded flame. 


In the space of Divine Presence you can overcome absolutely anything. Nothing to fear, nothing is to big to overcome, because in this state everything is here for you. When we are living in a state of Divine Presence our souls mission unfolds naturally, and we attract everything we need to manifest and living our souls purpose. The fundament of life is joy, abundance and love. We know why we are here, and what we came for.   


Most people in their awakening and ascension process are awakening into heaven and the higher dimensions. To actually live through this new love frequency and consciousness  - to live through YOUR DIVINE PRESENCE - is all about the embodiment of the Divine Presence to manifest this vibration on earth into the physical. THAT IS THE EMBODIMENT OF THE SOUL AND THE GREATER YOU!


Ascension is the step-by-step process initiated at spiritual awakening to up-level into higher dimensional existence and quantum consciousness. Through the gradual healing and clearing of dense trauma, ancestral pattern, and activation of the light body, we evolve into higher 5th dimensional frequencies, clear connection with our higher self and deep Soul embodiment.

It is fueled by LOVE! 


In the space of Divine Presence you can overcome absolutely anything. Nothing to fear, nothing is to big to overcome, because in this state everything is here for you.

It is a journey of embodiment into our Divine Presence

The Retreat includes:

* Transmissions and Activations

* Wisdom Teachings

* Meetings in Presence

* Deeper meditations

* Practice of movement designed to deepen the embodiment

* Honoring ceremony

* Shakti/kundalini activation

* Pranayama (life force breath) exercise

* Deepening intimacy with Life & Self

* New dimensions of pure awareness


Welcome to bring all the new light codes and your Divine Presence deeper into our bodies to fully ground our souls onto earth.  It is a journey of embodiment into our Divine Presence, into our heart of stillness, into our fundament of the souls embodiment on earth and into the experience as One with All That Is. This is the key to our pure passion, deepest trust, and self-love.


During this weekend we will deepening into love and your souls greatest light, for you to come into alignment, shift matrix, raise your frequency, and living from a place of unconditional love and self-love, to increase a deeper feeling of love, trust and peace inside of you. You will be initiating a much greater shift into new dimensions of pure awareness.


During this retreat we will honoring the Divine Expression in each other. We will come closer into alignment and infused in Divine Love and of Source energy of all Creation, pure consciousness awareness expand into the love of all there is and all that will ever be. This pure state of infinite consciousness is what is transcending the ego. To let Divine Love expand in all its expressions.


During this retreat we will have fun, dance, sit by the fire, swim (naked for those who want to) and share an intimate space with and between brothers and sisters.

When: 10 Dec 6 pm - 15 Dec 6 pm

Where: Himladal, Sweden in Seglora outside Gothenburg/ Göteborg


Investment: 5555 sek/ 555 euro


Payment: You pay 1 555 sek/155 € to secure your spot to


Or if in Sweden to Swish- 0761179645 or to BG 5424-0981 CosmicRose AB


Final payment due to Nov

Included: Retreat, Rooms 1-4 people in every room, 2 nutritious vegetarian meal/day brunch & dinner, foody snack in-between, tea/coffee


For more information and to reserve your spot please contact Camilla at: or on fb:



Welcome beloved Ones into Your Divine Presence.



In Love and gratitude

Camilla Ma Ra & Friends


Your True Nature is the embodiment

of Divine Presence.

Copyright © Camilla Åkerström, White Rose New Earth AB, 2020

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Happy to dance, play, journey and weave together in this new sacred time. 
In Love ♥