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Infinite Wisdom - Merge with Mother Whale

18-26st of October 2020

Welcome to join Camilla & the White Rose on a one-in-a-lifetime-journey ! 

NORTHERN NORWAY - Northern Light, Dragons & Orcas

- Lunar Eclipse Sacred Journey - 7-13th of January 2020

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TONGA - Infinite Wisdom - Autumn Equinox Sacred Journey 

- Merge with Mother Whale - 18-26st of September 2020

Welcome to join us deep into the depths of the Ocean to merge with Mother Whale.
The Humpback whales holds the balance and harmony in the universe, in and through Gaia and out in the whole Universe. They are all high developed masters and help us to remember who we are and were we come from. They help us back to our original blueprint and into "One-Unified-Heart" and your own divinity. To be swimming in the Great Ocean and meet this infinite Ocean Giants is absoultely magic. This Sacred Journey is absolutely beyond anything you can imagine!

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