The New Codes of the Sacred Masculine


Welcome brother into this new transmission of the Sacred Masculine. As you know the new masculine is awakening around the planet. In this time fo the New Earth new masculine codes are pouring down to earth, and you are the ones receiving, anchoring and embodying them. Within the new codes of the sacred masculine comes a new way of expression, of seeing and a brand new awareness. The codes of the new masculine is ever changing creation codes of the new time.  The decoding and the embodiment of these new codes are unique of each and everyone of you. With the embodiment of those new codes comes a wanting and willingness of being seen, seen in the light of truth and grace.

In this energy transmission - Sacred Masculine -  we open up to the energy and consciousness of the sacred masculine. Sacred Masculine is a part of all men (and women (inner masculine).This energy transmission activates your inate essence of the divine masculine and opens up to the new "new" masculine energies. Through this energy transmission you have the opportunity to open codes, keys, frequencies, the original blueprint of the divine masculine and the embodiment of the sacred masculine. Welcom to the deepest, most ancient, brand new, beingness of One masculine essence.

This  energy transmission is about activating and opening up to your deep soulessence of your inner sacred masculine. In the embodiment of your sacred masculine energies is a deep feeling of coming home. A deep feeling of clarity and inner knowing. Some of you will opening to your unique keys and codes within, which you are the protector and guardian. The keys and codes you have so deeply protected and guarded are the seeds of consciousness of the new earth. During this meditation we begin to open up and weave our newly created seeds of change.

The transmission also opens for healing of the wounded inner masculine. He who feels abandoned by the feminine. He who "knows" in this "feminine awakening" that he is not needed. He that want to compare, compete and feels he is not good enough. In the merging into oneness of the feminine and masculine, another "masculine" fear is rising and being healed, the fear of being no-one.  The Divine Feminine knew your grateness before you did. She has been waiting for you, and is expecting you. The Divine Feminine has been holding space for you as you purge deep duality and separation from your conscuiousness. She has become your mirrir to forgive, to love and to expand. In the transmission the sacred masculine will expand into the natural oneness of feminine and masculine merged into one as the pure consciouss awareness of unconditional love.

Link to the Activation

You will receive the activation via an audiofile that will guide you through activation. You do the activation in your own time and space. The activation is encoded with the codes and frequencies for all time and are effective whenever you receive it.

All of these new Activations of Divine Love and New Light Codes of the New Earth are helping you to come into alignment, raise your frequency, and living from a place of unconditional love and self-love. It helps you to increase a deeper feeling of love, trust and peace inside of you and to increase your service to our beloved Mother Earth and all of humanity.

From my loving heart to yours ❤ ❤
Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström

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We come together co-creating the new earth around us in joy, happiness and abundance

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