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To live from your soul, to speak truth, to love from your soul we need to "link-out" the matrix of control and domination and shift our awareness into a higher state of consciousness. To shift our consciousness and awareness we are shifting from lower density fields to a field of infinite potential. To really do the shift, not only talk about it, to really live it we need to shift our matrix fully. We need to dissolve the present anchor points and all that binds us to the world of false appearances, the world of illusions and all its



We are journeying deeper into the final departure from the matrix and deepening this understanding by applying new thoughts of creation to upshift our entire energy system.  We need to rise above human limitation and  switch over to brand new thoughts, actions and behaviors. It is important that we understand were we are going. 


We have come a long way out of the matrix and our spiritual journey have taken us on a loving and winding road, to help us realize that we are a divine sparkle of our creator, our beloved Mother Father God. We are holding the sacred flame - the three folded flame of power, love & wisdom within our heart, this flame are the seed of cosmic consciousness. 


When we deepen our work and start to connect with our soul and start to follow your souls calling,, your soul will evolve and you start to express your life purpose here on earth. As we hightens our clarity we are able to not only activate but to access more potentials of our dna encodings and awaking our higher potentials. In this way we are embodying a new consciousness. 


The new consciousness is resonating with love and the principles of love (and the divine laws), inner peace and bliss. It is a frequency that unites. The new anchor point is within the heart of beloved mother father god, within "One-Unified" Heart".  When all this is happening you are already manifesting your original blueprint. 


When we embody a higher consciousness, we shine brighter as we hold more light. We are more soul embodied. We remember who we are, and  know that we are only here to express our life purpose, to be in service. As our highest potentials start to ripen and unfold, we start to feel the living essence of God within and we see God in everything. We start to see God in every human being, in all animals, plants trees, not only see also to feel feel love for everyone.




When you go in and out of being present and going in-and-out between the old and the new and  when you do not hold the new vibration in alignment, your energetic field becomes confused. This brings that you naturally defaults to the old and usual way of doing things. It is so important that the signals, prayers, requests you send out to the universe is in resonance with your highest preferred vibration.


It is from your new thoughts, your new actions and your new behaviors that create your new matrix of reality. Your shifting vibration helps you to see the the truth of what is also vibrating at this level. Outer reality is always reflecting the inner reality and the perceptions that are held within your consciousness.


You will always get back to what you are sending out. What you send out you will get back. It is truly a matter of how you think and what level of vibration you are choosing to stay within.


The new consciousness and our new spiritual soul journey is a transition into a new "playing" field. This transition is a multidimensional shift in our awareness, and the embodiment of our divine I AM presence - I AM all the I AM. 



Link to the Activation

You will receive the activation via an audiofile that will guide you through activation. You do the activation in your own time and space. The activation is encoded with the codes and frequencies for all time and are effective whenever you receive it.

All of these new Activations of Divine Love and New Light Codes of the New Earth are helping you to come into alignment, raise your frequency, and living from a place of unconditional love and self-love. It helps you to increase a deeper feeling of love, trust and peace inside of you and to increase your service to our beloved Mother Earth and all of humanity.

From my loving heart to yours ❤ ❤
Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström

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We come together co-creating the new earth around us in joy, happiness and abundance

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